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The INDIE Blog turns 3!

The INDIE Blog turns 3!


The INDIE Blog is all about course creators, as we bring you the latest trends and information to help you use e-learning technology to your advantage. Turning three is a great reason to celebrate and say “Thank you” to our INDIE Blog readers!


11 Ways to repurpose your webinar content

Marketing courses

If you host webinars to promote your online course business, you already know how much time and money it takes to host one. So why not take advantage of it and repurpose your webinar content? Here are eleven ideas to help you get started.

5 Tips for profitable online photography courses

5 Tips for profitable online photography courses

Industries for e-learning

Online photography courses are pretty popular, especially since it’s such an accessible hobby with phone cameras getting better and better. If you’ve got solid experience as a photographer and are willing to share your knowledge with the world, you can make a decent amount of money.


8 Great ways to repurpose your podcast content

Marketing courses

Quality content is valuable for promoting your e-learning business and it’s essential to make the most of it. Podcasts related to education are skyrocketing in popularity, so let’s dive in and find out what are some great ways to repurpose your podcast content.


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