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How to create an awesome webinar

How to create an awesome webinar presentation

Marketing courses

Creating a converting webinar event can be nerve-racking. However, webinars can be very effective for online course creators. With the right content, interaction with attendees, and of course, the right offer, you can turn leads into clients in no time.


How to budget for your online course business

Selling courses

By setting aside a monthly sum for expenses such as hosting, content creation, user experience and marketing, you are less likely to overspend, more likely to cut some costs when needed, and finally to see a return on your investment pretty quickly.

email subject lines

6×4 Inspiring examples of email subject lines

Marketing courses

Promotional emails flood people’s inboxes every day and it takes a very well-crafted subject line to convince the recipient that opening it will be worth their while. What those few words of your subject convey can either make or break your entire email marketing campaign.

start designing courses

Don’t start designing courses before reading this [Part 1]

Course design

You don’t need to be a teacher or experienced instructional designer to share your knowledge. In fact, many people would benefit from what you know, even if it’s your own personal experience. Taking some steps first such as clearly defining your audience, course goals and objectives, or a solid outline makes it easier to create more value for more people.

increasing your email open rates

Top 3 tips for increasing your email open rates

Marketing courses

If you are a marketer, looking to promote your course, you’d want me and the rest of the recipients to take a closer look at what you are offering. In online marketing terms, that translates to ‘increasing your open rates’ and below you’ll find some helpful tips about how to do it.


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