How to make a great sales page for your course the copy

How to make a great sales page for your course: the copy

Selling courses

It should be easy for you to create the copy of your course sales page, as it’s mostly about the course and why it brings value to the learners. A little research will go a long way, as personalization is the key to all doors in present-day digital marketing.

adjust the difficulty level for your course

Using automation to adjust the difficulty level for your course

Course design

Building difficulty levels into courses help your learners gain the skills they need the most. They’ll feel more confident as a result of getting a thorough understanding of the learning content, and since it is a bit of work, they’ll be more invested in finishing the course.

online learning products you could be selling

4 Types of online learning products you could be selling right now

Selling courses

As the market for online learning has significantly increased in recent years, so did the variety of products related to online courses that entrepreneurs could be selling. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular online learning products that any course creator could be selling right now:

get your video content shared

4 Great tips on how to get your video content shared

Marketing courses

In the age of ‘all things video’, it’s important for online course businesses to put themselves out there in filmed form. Your success, however, will be dictated by how well you adapt to customer demands and provide content that is relevant, easy to find, and even easier to share.

Benefits of choosing the video format for your online course

5 Benefits of choosing the video format for your online course

Course design

A video course facilitates learning by offering an interactive experience and it increases engagement by involving the human presence. As a knowledge entrepreneur, you cannot overlook this alternative when trying to get your course across to your audience and deliver relevant content.

design accessible e-learning content

How knowledge entrepreneurs design accessible e-learning content

Course design

Knowledge entrepreneurs have a much higher chance of reaching users of all abilities online. It would be a shame to ignore some of them. Creating accessible content is about offering the best experience you can to all learners so keep this in mind whenever you start a new project or if you want to improve existing content.


How to design accessible learning content with your LMS


Accessibility is a right, not a “nice to have” afterthought. As a course entrepreneur or an aspiring one, it’s your job to make your courses as accessible as possible. The LMS is your ally since you don’t need much to create learning content that all users can enjoy.


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