Winning the entrepreneurial game in 2020

Winning the entrepreneurial game in 2020

E-learning for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are courageous by definition. This is definitely the time to bring out and demonstrate that fearlessness. Following the advice I’ve listed above ought to help, but the one thing that needs to be on every entrepreneur’s mind right now is to keep dreaming and keep going.

responding on social media

4 Basic DOs and DON’Ts of responding on social media

Marketing courses

The thing about having several points of social media presence is that you also have to communicate with those who reach out. Let’s explore a few dos and don’ts of responding to comments and queries on social media as a professional online course creator.

curriculum design

What online course creators should know about curriculum design

Course design

Online course creators encounter the challenge of aligning their work with the already established methods of creating (and curating) educational materials. A great curriculum design is supposed to demonstrate where the learner will start and where the educational journey will end.

course automation

Mastering course automation in 4 simple steps


Automation does the tedious work for you so you get to concentrate on creating courses. As long as you set it up beforehand, there’s no need for you to always be connected and available. Here’s what you need to know before you automate your courses, from the moment learners sign in to completion:

online course marketing strategy

Adjusting your online course marketing strategy for 2020

Marketing courses

If you are an entrepreneur in the field of e-learning you surely have the dilemma of whether or not this is a good time to invest in the marketing of your courses. Even during these times, it’s very important to keep talking to your potential and existing customers. Here’s how to proceed:


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