two ingredients of successful online courses

The two ingredients of successful online courses

Market courses

Online courses can tackle any subject whatsoever, but their success depends exponentially on two things: creating valuable content and marketing it continuously. How to mix these two ingredients so that the right people can find it, be impressed by it and buy it? Read on to find out!

rise of the knowledge entrepreneur

The rise of the knowledge entrepreneur

E-learning for entrepreneurs

There can be no doubt that e-learning, the production and consumption of life and career enhancing knowledge via digital tools, is already revolutionising the way we contemplate what we know, and what we need or want to know. It’s also creating a dynamic community of interconnected learners and teachers, dislodged from any central academic paradigm, that are exploring, learning and creating new knowledge entirely online.

INDIE says Hello!

INDIE says Hello!


Welcome to the INDIE Blog! You’ll find here useful and various information about online courses and how you can use them to plan your success in your entrepreneurship journey. So, no matter if you only consider starting your online knowledge career with online courses, have already tested the waters or you have had a head start, know how awesome it is and want to keep on going, keep an eye on the INDIE Blog!


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