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repurposing content

What you need to know about repurposing content

Marketing courses

If you have quality, relevant content, it’s a shame not to get the most out of it. Following these easy tips (and getting creative when the muse invites you) will help you to draw new audiences and encourage your existing one to re-visit and make the most out of your valuable insights.

visual elements in online course design

6 Tips on using visual elements in online course design

Course design

Online course creators are often focused on the content of the course, but there is another crucial aspect that sometimes gets put on the back burner even though it should be equally taken into consideration: the visual elements. Here’s what to consider when using these in your online course:

meaningful microlearning in your online course

4 Ways to create meaningful microlearning in your online course

Course design

Even if your long-term goal is to create and sell comprehensive online courses, it’s important you don’t overlook the growing appetite that audiences have for microlearning. If you want them to buy your intricate and delicious four layered cake, you’ll have to convince them with a taste of a skillfully made slice first

organic marketing

Embracing organic marketing to promote your online business

Marketing courses

A successful marketing strategy should incorporate the right amount of both worlds – organic and paid. In a time when costs are a real issue and potential customers may be more guarded with their credit card, the free, organic version of promoting your business is the best option – you can build brand awareness, trust, and a loyal audience.

online course quizzes

7 Things that may be wrong with your online course quizzes

Course design

Quizzes are an integral part of a self-paced course so you want to spend some time learning how to get them right. There are a few mistakes that even more experienced course creators make. It’s up to course creators to make quizzes engaging enough so they serve their final purpose: help learners retain what they’ve learned.

Top 10 posts of the INDIE Blog

Anniversary edition: Top 10 posts of the INDIE Blog


The INDIE Blog turned 1! How time flies! It feels like yesterday we started blogging about creating, marketing and selling online courses and navigating the challenges of being a knowledge entrepreneur. Here are the top 10 posts of the INDIE Blog:

using Facebook to grow your online business

6 Tips on using Facebook to grow your online business

Marketing courses

In a world when news, products, and services are no longer found by potential customers but find them instead, leveraging all that Facebook has to offer is an absolute necessity. The platform can help you engage your potential customers and grow your online course business.


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