consider gamifying your online course

Why you should consider gamifying your online course

Course design

The gamification of online courses represents the future in what e-learning really means, since it creates extrinsic motivation, it opens the door to a new learning environment, more efficient and effective, it accepts failure/errors as the basis for successful learning, it boosts memory, it gives its participants the satisfaction of having achieved something on their own and it lets them have autonomy in their quest for knowledge.

get a large YouTube audience

6 Best practices on how to get a large YouTube audience

Marketing courses

YouTube holds immense potential when it comes to online marketing. With YouTube being as popular as it is and with all the technology that is available and easy to use, it would be a shame to miss out on the opportunity to meet new crowds and let them meet you.

master affiliate marketing

Why you need to master affiliate marketing

Marketing courses

Affiliate marketing is in continuous growth with an approximate worth of 12 billion $ and representing 16% of all e-commerce sales in the US. Since an online course is not a physical product that you can put on a shelf but something that can only be profitable in the realm of e-commerce, any online entrepreneur should know a thing or two about affiliate marketing.

make the title of your online course stand out

8 Great tips on how to make the title of your online course stand out

Course design

When you are trying to sell a freshly designed online course, the title is probably the most important aspect of it, as it is the first thing your potential customers will make contact with. There is no perfect recipe for creating the perfect title for your online course but there are some things to consider before deciding what the name of your course should be.

incorporate stories in your online course

4 Awesome ways to incorporate stories in your online course

E-learning for entrepreneurs

If you are creating an online course and you already have all the information, you have figured out everything from the target audience to the venues where you will promote it but still feel you need some extra zing, a touch of epic might just be what your product needs to go from good to mind-blowing. Check out a few examples of how storytelling can make your online course more engaging, entertaining and memorable.

build a learning community using LMS tools

9 Tips on how to build a learning community using LMS tools


There is immense value in learning from each other. People tend to search for others with similar interests, and the online medium offers them the perfect way to learn new skills and build meaningful learning relationships. Building an online learning community is trickier than it seems, but the right LMS has all the tools entrepreneurs need to communicate effectively.

Mastering upselling to increase your profits

Mastering upselling to increase your profits

Selling courses

It’s a common misconception that trying to persuade a potential customer to choose the more complex (and inherently more expensive) version is pushy and will drive them away. If done properly, upselling can lead both to improved customer satisfaction and increased revenue. It’s an ideal win-win situation so here are a few helpful tips on how to upsell online.


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