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Blogging hacks for online course creators

5 Blogging hacks for online course creators

Marketing courses

One of the first things you learn when you set about promoting your emerging online business is that you should have a blog in order to get better online visibility. The ultimate goal is to direct lots of traffic from your blog posts to the landing page for your online course. Here are five things to keep in mind when working on your blog:


What you need to know about the basics of selling online courses

Selling courses

Selling online courses today is easier than ever before, but this doesn’t mean it can be done without lifting a finger. Creating a great product, finding the right audience for it and putting it in front of them means a lot of work. However, as any successful knowledge entrepreneur would know, mastering the basics is well worth it.

make cold emailing work for you

4 Tips on how to make cold emailing work for you

Selling courses

While cold emailing may not have over the top conversion rates, it still works as a good marketing tool for your online course. Especially when you are only starting out in the online marketing world, you can’t ignore the potential of cold emailing has for getting yourself out there.

Tips for making a video for your course

9+1 Tips for making a video for your course

E-learning for entrepreneurs

Since video is an essential component of e-learning and there is no better way to reach the learners than to speak directly to them, you are probably well-aware that there is no use avoiding the task. Here are a few tips and tricks that are sure to make you feel safer as you broadcast yourself:


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