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affiliate marketing to promote your online course

How to use affiliate marketing to promote your online course

Marketing courses

If you are a knowledge entrepreneur looking to sell your brand new, shiny and wonderful online course, affiliate marketing pops up as one logical way to do that: you let other people market your products and send website traffic your way; in return, you give them a percentage of any sales that are made originating from their efforts.

affiliate marketing

The basic pillars of affiliate marketing

Marketing courses

Making money while doing nothing at all is probably the second most wanted way of earning revenues after winning the lottery. Modern technology does give us this wonderful opportunity of passively getting paid, even if we happen to be asleep at the time that happens. It is called affiliate marketing and it is based on the concept of revenue sharing.

Lead magnets

Lead magnets: 10 Offers your audience can’t refuse [INFOGRAPHIC]

Marketing courses

A lead magnet is a marketing tool which in itself is a valuable incentive offered to potential buyers in exchange for their email address or other contact information. Lead magnets come in various shapes and sizes, so let’s explore 10 great examples that can make a difference in the marketing strategy of your online course:!

converting landing page

7 Must-have elements on a converting landing page [INFOGRAPHIC]

Marketing courses

All the elements of a landing page serve the final purpose, which is conversion. Headlines and supporting sentences get your visitors on the page and keep their attention for a few seconds. The benefits get them interested and the CTA button helps them convert. For second guessers detailed benefits and testimonials secure the conversion.

build an audience for your online course

How to build an audience for your online course

Marketing courses

You need to build up a specific audience for what you are designing. The recipe for success may seem a bit long and time consuming but it’s just like baking – after you have done it a couple of times you gain both experience and confidence and people will ask for more.

two ingredients of successful online courses

The two ingredients of successful online courses

Marketing courses

Online courses can tackle any subject whatsoever, but their success depends exponentially on two things: creating valuable content and marketing it continuously. How to mix these two ingredients so that the right people can find it, be impressed by it and buy it? Read on to find out!


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