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FOMO marketing tips and tricks for online course creators

5 FOMO marketing tips and tricks for online course creators

Marketing courses

Nobody in the modern world has not felt the pangs of regret when upon pondering for too long they lost the product or service they had their eyes on. FOMO is a great way of tempting potential customers to make a purchase. If you employ this technique genuinely, you have every chance of growing your business beautifully.

get your video content shared

4 Great tips on how to get your video content shared

Marketing courses

In the age of ‘all things video’, it’s important for online course businesses to put themselves out there in filmed form. Your success, however, will be dictated by how well you adapt to customer demands and provide content that is relevant, easy to find, and even easier to share.

Marketing metrics every solopreneur should keep an eye on

5 Marketing metrics every solopreneur should keep an eye on

Marketing courses

Instead of going down the rabbit hole of calculating every possible metric known to marketers, focus on the ones that really have a bearing on your results. It will not only mean less effort on your part, but it will also be highly beneficial to your online course business.

responding on social media

4 Basic DOs and DON’Ts of responding on social media

Marketing courses

The thing about having several points of social media presence is that you also have to communicate with those who reach out. Let’s explore a few dos and don’ts of responding to comments and queries on social media as a professional online course creator.

online course marketing strategy

Adjusting your online course marketing strategy for 2020

Marketing courses

If you are an entrepreneur in the field of e-learning you surely have the dilemma of whether or not this is a good time to invest in the marketing of your courses. Even during these times, it’s very important to keep talking to your potential and existing customers. Here’s how to proceed:


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