E-learning for entrepreneurs

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Personal branding tips for knowledge entrepreneurs

6 Personal branding tips for knowledge entrepreneurs

E-learning for entrepreneurs

Building a personal brand is a great way to attract new learners to your courses — and make them come back again and again when they want to learn something new. This can be achieved by clearly communicating your purpose, being consistent in what you say and do, and spreading your message in order to reach your desired audience.

copyright for online courses

What you need to know about copyright for online courses

E-learning for entrepreneurs

Copyright in the case of online content creators is an avenue that goes both ways. Created for people like you, who create content, the Creative Commons platform allows you to copyright your work, but also use content created by others, fast and safe, without having to pay for it and without needing permission to use it because it’s already appropriately credited.

Making the most of the online world

Making the most of the online world

E-learning for entrepreneurs

The online is a never-ending provider of information where you can get inspiration from and find solutions to whatever you need. Online, you are the ‘neighbor’ of your audience. You become that close. You give them what they need, they facilitate your way to success; you help each other. So why not make the most of it?

rise of the knowledge entrepreneur

The rise of the knowledge entrepreneur

E-learning for entrepreneurs

There can be no doubt that e-learning, the production and consumption of life and career enhancing knowledge via digital tools, is already revolutionising the way we contemplate what we know, and what we need or want to know. It’s also creating a dynamic community of interconnected learners and teachers, dislodged from any central academic paradigm, that are exploring, learning and creating new knowledge entirely online.


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