E-learning for entrepreneurs

The posts in this category address various subjects related to online courses and their role in building a successful online business.

online business tools for knowledge entrepreneurs

32 Awesome online business tools for knowledge entrepreneurs

E-learning for entrepreneurs

Starting and running a business online implies taking care of a lot of different aspects. In this process everyone wants to be able to save time and money. With the power that online business tools give you, the tasks at hand can be tackled in a professional manner. Here are the top tools knowledge entrepreneurs need for their business:

Course automation tricks

10 Course automation tricks you need to save time

E-learning for entrepreneurs

With learning platforms that are becoming increasingly user-friendly, you don’t really need to know how to code to take advantage of automation for your online course. Here are a few tricks that can completely transform the way you manage online courses and most importantly: save time!

choose a domain name

How to choose a domain name for your online business

E-learning for entrepreneurs

Finding the most adept domain name is all about picking the right representation of your business online. It’s important not to rush it and make sure it’s something you feel good about and is relevant, recognizable and easily shared either in writing or by means of the spoken word.

Tips for making a video for your course

9+1 Tips for making a video for your course

E-learning for entrepreneurs

Since video is an essential component of e-learning and there is no better way to reach the learners than to speak directly to them, you are probably well-aware that there is no use avoiding the task. Here are a few tips and tricks that are sure to make you feel safer as you broadcast yourself:

give the best feedback to your online learners

How to give the best feedback to your online learners

E-learning for entrepreneurs

Feedback is essential to successful learning. If you care about the people who buy your courses — and of course you do — you want them to be successful in their learning endeavors. One way to ensure that is to incorporate feedback throughout the course so that they know they’re on the right track or get back on it fast. Here are some tips to giving feedback to your online students:

chatbot an online entrepreneur’s best friend

Is the chatbot an online entrepreneur’s best friend?

E-learning for entrepreneurs

If chatbots were once considered a much-hyped trend, they seem to be here to stay. They can answer questions and show people around an online store, can help online entrepreneurs generate leads, implement a customer care system, and generally make a visitor’s stay on your website more pleasant.


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