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email course

6 Reasons why any knowledge entrepreneur needs an email course

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Email marketing works great for online course creators, as people expect to receive more serious content in their inbox. It’s great practice for you, so when you finally launch your course on a learning platform, you’ll have a good idea of what to expect and an email list to boot!

curriculum design

What online course creators should know about curriculum design

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Online course creators encounter the challenge of aligning their work with the already established methods of creating (and curating) educational materials. A great curriculum design is supposed to demonstrate where the learner will start and where the educational journey will end.

use infographics to enhance your course design

How to use infographics to enhance your course design

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The modern learner has an appetite for all things visual. Content needs to be easy to grasp and digest, otherwise it is likely to get overlooked. Infographics, if used correctly, can increase both the appeal and retention rates of your online course.

scenario ideas for awesome SBL courses

Top 5 scenario ideas for awesome SBL courses

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Scenario-based learning takes elements of storytelling combined with real-world practical examples. There are different types of scenarios that instructors can choose based on what they want to achieve, including skill-based, problem-based, and gaming scenarios.

design rules for your online course

3 More design rules for your online course

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Besides offering interesting, accurate and reliable content, you should also make the learning experience easy and enjoyable by allowing your students to navigate through a consistent design, recognizable anywhere, anytime, in the best way possible.

optimize the self-paced course experience

How to optimize the self-paced course experience

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We often speak in terms of boosting performance when it comes to e-learning, but for self-paced courses to be truly effective, we need to talk more about learning experience optimization as a motivating factor. For an optimal learning experience, instructors need to consider four major categories that have the most impact on the overall satisfaction with an online course.


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