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start designing courses

Don’t start designing courses before reading this [Part 1]

Course design

You don’t need to be a teacher or experienced instructional designer to share your knowledge. In fact, many people would benefit from what you know, even if it’s your own personal experience. Taking some steps first such as clearly defining your audience, course goals and objectives, or a solid outline makes it easier to create more value for more people.

consider gamifying your online course

Why you should consider gamifying your online course

Course design

The gamification of online courses represents the future in what e-learning really means, since it creates extrinsic motivation, it opens the door to a new learning environment, more efficient and effective, it accepts failure/errors as the basis for successful learning, it boosts memory, it gives its participants the satisfaction of having achieved something on their own and it lets them have autonomy in their quest for knowledge.

make the title of your online course stand out

8 Great tips on how to make the title of your online course stand out

Course design

When you are trying to sell a freshly designed online course, the title is probably the most important aspect of it, as it is the first thing your potential customers will make contact with. There is no perfect recipe for creating the perfect title for your online course but there are some things to consider before deciding what the name of your course should be.

Free image resources for your online courses

31 Free image resources for your online courses

Course design

When you want to avoid all the hustle and bustle of checking the types of copyright online pictures have, you can use free online resources which will provide just the images you need for your online course. Here are the most used:


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