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set a price for your online course

How to set a price for your online course

Selling courses

Just because you chose to build your business around something you are passionate about, it doesn’t mean profits need to be lower. You have to objectively evaluate your offer, compare it to what else is on the market, and come up with a pricing strategy tailored to your products and your aspirations.


Getting people to buy your online courses in COVID-19 times

Selling courses

The global health crisis has changed everything. Luckily, in the case of online learning, it is not all bad. Online learning has the advantage of not only still being possible but also highly sought after. So let’s explore a few tips for acquiring new customers for your courses in these turbulent times.

Marketing metrics every solopreneur should keep an eye on

5 Marketing metrics every solopreneur should keep an eye on

Marketing courses

Instead of going down the rabbit hole of calculating every possible metric known to marketers, focus on the ones that really have a bearing on your results. It will not only mean less effort on your part, but it will also be highly beneficial to your online course business.


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