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validate your online course ideas

Top 9 websites to validate your online course ideas

E-learning for entrepreneurs

The most successful course creators do a ton of research to validate their ideas before coming up with a great online course. Luck has little to do with it, especially when you have so much data available. So if you’re not sure where to start or need a few tips before proceeding, you’re in the right place.

adjust the difficulty level for your course

Using automation to adjust the difficulty level for your course

Course design

Building difficulty levels into courses help your learners gain the skills they need the most. They’ll feel more confident as a result of getting a thorough understanding of the learning content, and since it is a bit of work, they’ll be more invested in finishing the course.

design accessible e-learning content

How knowledge entrepreneurs design accessible e-learning content

Course design

Knowledge entrepreneurs have a much higher chance of reaching users of all abilities online. It would be a shame to ignore some of them. Creating accessible content is about offering the best experience you can to all learners so keep this in mind whenever you start a new project or if you want to improve existing content.


How to design accessible learning content with your LMS


Accessibility is a right, not a “nice to have” afterthought. As a course entrepreneur or an aspiring one, it’s your job to make your courses as accessible as possible. The LMS is your ally since you don’t need much to create learning content that all users can enjoy.

How to create an email course

How to create an email course to grow your contacts list

E-learning for entrepreneurs

An email course is a great way to attract learners and build awareness for your online course business with quality content, that doesn’t take a lot of time and commitment to make, but certainly pays off. It’s a tried and true method to generate buzz and test your ideas before launching something bigger.

email course

6 Reasons why any knowledge entrepreneur needs an email course

Course design

Email marketing works great for online course creators, as people expect to receive more serious content in their inbox. It’s great practice for you, so when you finally launch your course on a learning platform, you’ll have a good idea of what to expect and an email list to boot!


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