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scenario ideas for awesome SBL courses

Top 5 scenario ideas for awesome SBL courses

Course design

Scenario-based learning takes elements of storytelling combined with real-world practical examples. There are different types of scenarios that instructors can choose based on what they want to achieve, including skill-based, problem-based, and gaming scenarios.

optimize the self-paced course experience

How to optimize the self-paced course experience

Course design

We often speak in terms of boosting performance when it comes to e-learning, but for self-paced courses to be truly effective, we need to talk more about learning experience optimization as a motivating factor. For an optimal learning experience, instructors need to consider four major categories that have the most impact on the overall satisfaction with an online course.


How to create scenario-based learning directly in your LMS


Scenarios are exciting and full of surprises, which keeps learners engaged with the content for a longer period of time. More than that, there’s no need to invest in a platform to create scenarios (if you don’t want to), as your LMS’s content creation tool already has what you need.

online course quizzes

7 Things that may be wrong with your online course quizzes

Course design

Quizzes are an integral part of a self-paced course so you want to spend some time learning how to get them right. There are a few mistakes that even more experienced course creators make. It’s up to course creators to make quizzes engaging enough so they serve their final purpose: help learners retain what they’ve learned.

social proof tips to boost online course sales

8 Amazing social proof tips to boost online course sales

Selling courses

Social proof is a big deal in online marketing. It’s why the best converting landing pages include testimonials and why companies rely on online reviews to drive sales. And ultimately, it’s the main reason why word of mouth marketing works so well. Here are 8 amazing social proof tips to boost online course sales

Course automation tricks

10 Course automation tricks you need to save time

E-learning for entrepreneurs

With learning platforms that are becoming increasingly user-friendly, you don’t really need to know how to code to take advantage of automation for your online course. Here are a few tricks that can completely transform the way you manage online courses and most importantly: save time!


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