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increase your email CTR

Top 10 tips on how to increase your email CTR

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The challenge with email marketing is getting people to take action and access your email campaigns once they’ve opened and read the email. Here are some things you can apply to your own email marketing campaigns that will boost your CTR:

Lead magnets

Lead magnets: 10 Offers your audience can’t refuse [INFOGRAPHIC]

Marketing courses

A lead magnet is a marketing tool which in itself is a valuable incentive offered to potential buyers in exchange for their email address or other contact information. Lead magnets come in various shapes and sizes, so let’s explore 10 great examples that can make a difference in the marketing strategy of your online course:!

converting landing page

7 Must-have elements on a converting landing page [INFOGRAPHIC]

Marketing courses

All the elements of a landing page serve the final purpose, which is conversion. Headlines and supporting sentences get your visitors on the page and keep their attention for a few seconds. The benefits get them interested and the CTA button helps them convert. For second guessers detailed benefits and testimonials secure the conversion.

Making the most of the online world

Making the most of the online world

E-learning for entrepreneurs

The online is a never-ending provider of information where you can get inspiration from and find solutions to whatever you need. Online, you are the ‘neighbor’ of your audience. You become that close. You give them what they need, they facilitate your way to success; you help each other. So why not make the most of it?


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