Finding your niche when teaching languages online

Selling courses

Creating online language courses is a great opportunity to earn extra money, or you can turn it into a full-time business, whether you’re a teacher right now or not. There’s something for everyone, but if you really want to stand out, you need to find your niche. Let’s explore a few options:

the basics of selling online courses

What you need to know about the basics of selling online courses

Selling courses

Selling online courses today is easier than ever before, but this doesn’t mean it can be done without lifting a finger. Creating a great product, finding the right audience for it and putting it in front of them means a lot of work. However, as any successful knowledge entrepreneur would know, mastering the basics is well worth it.

Using podcasts to promote your online business

Using podcasts to promote your online business

Marketing courses

Podcasting does not take as many props and tech as other online marketing means. It is, however, very relevant for modern audiences and you can’t miss out on the opportunity to promote your business through this channel. So now that Christmas is approaching do your list of subjects and people, check it twice and start recording.

examples of lead magnets

4 Awesome examples of lead magnets to boost your online conversion rates

Marketing courses

A lead magnet has to be something interesting or valuable enough for the prospects to give you their email address in order to receive that particular piece of content. Basically it should give at least a partial quick fix to the problem or inquiry that had lead those customers to your page. Your course should later act like the complete solution for whatever issues your prospects face and are searching to overcome.

Novel ways of marketing your online course

6 Novel ways of marketing your online course

Marketing courses

The best marketers figure out what the trends will be and move to new locations first, getting the best of them before they get ‘ruined’ by their peers. Let’s explore six great ways of promoting your online course, that are rather new in the digital marketing toolbox.


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